Adding A Homepage Slideshow With Easing Slider WordPress Tutorial

Adding A Homepage Slideshow With Easing Slider WordPress Tutorial

In this WordPress Tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add a slideshow yo your homepage with the Easing Slider plugin.

Table of contents:

Installing the plugin: 1:18
Access the options: 1:45
Update Settings before adding images: 2:08
Adding images: 2:56
Adding the slider on the page you want: 5:12
Options discussion: 6:02

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15 Replies to “Adding A Homepage Slideshow With Easing Slider WordPress Tutorial”

  1. Thank you for including a time list in the description! Why the heck don’t more people do that !?!?!?! lol

  2. I am a wordpress expert and I just recorded a series of video tutorials for the use of wordpress. WP experts say that it’s the most extensive wordpress video series ever created. please go to my channel to find a link I have posted for this training course

  3. I’m not sure if the most recent version is what I’ve downloaded but none of the settings are like what I see in this vid. Is this the case?

  4. I’ve found only Easing Slider Lite and it looks different when I open it… I’ll try to manage it, thou :/

  5. That’s the one! I hadn’t used this plugin in a long time and recently had to update a client website which I had used it on before. This will be one of the first videos I will be updating in the next week or two so that it is current. Thanks for watching!

  6. i`v tried it looks great … but i have just one problem .. i need captions on the images and from the documentation it does not support it … anyone got any solutions? Thank you

  7. I’m trying to change the pictures in the slider put i can’t figure where to go to change it. I didn’t create the website someone else did but we just can’t get a hold of him so now we are trying to do it ourselves. Where would the image be at?? I need to change them.

  8. Presentation would have been 500 times better with sound.  It is hard to follow someone’s thought process by trying to following a cursor.  Make this even more understandable by using your voice.

  9. I installed Easing Slider on my website with template 2014. I also initiated it and added the ID code on the Home Page. The problem is, it does not appear on my dashboard. So I can’t use the slider. can you help me?

  10. I love it, I use it on a widget. But I need to put a carousel of my sponsors and not a slide show, can I do that with Easing Slider?

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