X Theme – How To Make A WordPress Website – Responsive Design

X Theme – How To Make A WordPress Website – Responsive Design


In this tutorial I am going to walk you through the X Theme For WordPress. By the end of this series, you will learn how to create your own fully responsive WordPress website that is integrated with Buddypress, bbPress, and other important plugins to keep your site working like a well-oiled machine and protected from spam bots.

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  1. Thanks for this but I see very different things when I try to follow along– like trying to edit the home page– I get a very different look in visual and text editor– a long, long, long series of letters and numbers, almost like the entire image data or something. nothing at all like you have so I can’t follow your video.

  2. hey Seth! thanks for your videos. I had just purchased X-theme and I am trying to understand how to set up my blog I was hoping in your video but as I can see from the beginning it is already changes. my now they have the standard demos and the expanded where every stack contains all the features of the standards, for example the restaurant stack contains every features of the integrity … and so on.. also I would like to set up the child theme because i believe it helps me to custumise it more to my needs. do you have a tutorial on that? I cannot find it in your videos. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much again for your great work. cheers Isabella

  3. Hi, I have Enfold and it’s very easy to use. I am also thinking about the X theme. As you already reviewed both I would like to ask if it’s worth to buy X theme once I already have Enfold. Is there something that Enfold can’t do compared with X theme?

  4. Hi, this is a great video, but there is one problem – the subtitles, or rather the lack thereof. Please add the subtitles to this video.

  5. Thank you for the video! Any idea why I can’t enlarge my youtube videos fullscreen from my theme x website? I’ve written them several times and they can’t seem to even understand my question.

  6. hello, you show the editing with HTML way. is there the only one manner to customize the site or may I do it with a visual way? I don’t know the HTML language

  7. i made a wordpress.com account but i dont have the same features. do i have to purchase the premium to upload the custom theme and extra features like appearance?

  8. What if your “Home Page Demo” is strictly text with no visualization of what it could look like? Think it is a new update Xtheme has done.

  9. I think the X theme needs to be more user friendly. In my divi theme tutorials, i could expect everyone to follow along. But this, eh. I think i will stick to the divi theme

  10. Finally someone who dresses up when going for a video 🙂 Thanks for your precious tutorial

  11. I thought there would be a learning curve. Never suspected I couldn’t get to the theme for a couple of hours. Before I started I had trouble getting my purchase code verified. Took lots of time to figure out how support worked. Themeco is the support for the theme and Envato answers questions about the marketplace. Confusion!

  12. I was trying to learn x by following our video. But, the homepage I now have is different and the dashboard looks nothing like your’s. How can start over?

  13. 10 and a half minutes before you tell us how to do anything? Piss off, you bald little fuck.

  14. Wow, really awesome tutorial you have shared. Your video will be helpful for the beginners.

  15. All this takes tremendeous amounts of time and since i dont want to spend the rest of my wake time editing and fidgeting I will not chose this option – its a waste of time!

  16. You have great knowledgeable content. I initially came here to find out about X vs Divi and to tell you the truth. I am subbing solely because of the value you offer! You have made a tough choice for me lol

  17. Yo estoy apunto de comprarlo pero me complica que está todo en inglés y no sé por dónde empezar

  18. nice vid seth…..after wathcing this vid, i have decided to make a website for my business on my own…..please make more vids on this theme.

  19. Hey Seth I am looking for a theme that allows my users to start forums and rank the information and share it with eachother etc. Can you recommend a theme to me ?

  20. This is a great tutorial. Thank you very much for posting. I started with the Wedding Demo. The problem I’m having is that the code in the Visual editor is just large blocks of text. Unlike in your video, where the code is nicely formatted to make it easy to edit, it’s really hard to parse because it’s just huge blocks of code/text. I assume that’s just the way it is with this particular Wedding demo, but if you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

  21. I am a beginner to Theme WP.Just got to the 11th min of this video and find that the actual instructions of step by step, are NOT a part of this tutorial :-((
    I find this tutorial scattered all over with lots and lots and lots and lots unnecessary talk. Sorry but going someplace else

  22. I just purchased Visual composer, but it looks like Xtheme has VC bundled in for about the same price. Is there any real benefit to buying VS separately??

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  24. What is the best stack to make a blog with content and a sidebar on the right-hand side?

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