WPML Multilingual Plugin For WordPress | Tutorial 2017

WPML Multilingual Plugin For WordPress | Tutorial 2017

WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them.
It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs. In this tutorial I will walk you trough all the steps in translating an ‘avarage’ business website.’

Example website:

Overview of the tutorial:
01. Get the WPML Plugin (WordPress MultiLingual) 02:26
02. Install the WPML Plugin 05:48
03. Configure the WPML Plugin 07:44
04. Translate your First Page 12:45
05. Configure the Theme Settings 14:43
06. Translate Blog and Portfolio Categories 15:46
07. Translate Blogposts 18:28
08. Translate Portfolio Items 19:40
09. Translate Pages 21:50
10. Translate the Menu 22:17
11. Translate Widgets 24:48
12. Fix Blog and Portfolio issues 27:53
13. Configure Blog Settings 31:32
14. Translate Contact Form 7 32:03


28 Replies to “WPML Multilingual Plugin For WordPress | Tutorial 2017”

  1. I didn’t understand what was the problem with the Blog posts, you had to re-upload the featured images for each Blog post?

  2. Thank you bro, I’m giving you thumb up before even started play button. It’s so nice to see a piece of dedicated work as this is.


  3. Hi, thanks for the video and info. I wanted to translate my website into Arabic, and I want only to translate the frontend of the website, i.e I should still use english for my wordpress backend. Can I do that using this plugin please ?
    The backend of the website will be in english but for the viewers/users of the website it will be in arabic (no option to toggle between, say, english and arabic.

  4. Hi,
    Nice tutorial 🙂

    I have followed your instructions but unfortunately my Flags drop down or simple flags are not appearing in the Divi menu, any tips over it to fix it?

  5. Hi – the option to add plugins is missing from my admin panel (even though I have admin rights). I have wordpress.com instance – which I know can be a problem – but wondering if there is a workaround to get the WPML plugin installed? Any advice please?

  6. I like how you gave all the steps and gave a description as detailed as possible thanks for the video and keep up the good work bro

  7. i want to make trasnaltion witrh the site that you show with avada can you help and WPML?

  8. Thank you my friend. Im new and I am going to buy a WordPress template, but even though its says it is WPML compatible, I did no see the language icons in the template so I was confuse. Now that I saw your videos i realize it’s WPML that creates the flags or icons in your template. Thanks bro, Im following you and cheers from Colombia.

  9. Hi there Ferdy, so nice to finally find a tutorial that is thorough 🙂 Could you please let me know which plugin you are using to export the theme settings with? I highly suspect that it’s because I haven’t done this that it would almost seem that I have to redo the entire theme per language. thanks a mil 🙂

  10. Well done, clear and direct video! However the WPML plug-in is operationally really lousy. I expected something more. Keep up the good work!

  11. This is the worst plug-in ever. I wasted so much time. Also, the current version is different from this tutorial.

  12. Thank you for this video , for me i wanted t translate my site to arabic language but the theme is stil in LTR ! how i can make it in RTL ? thank you 🙂

  13. hii. there not all language and can instal? i want georgian language and not here. what i can to do?

  14. Hi Ferdy, why when I go to the + sign I don’t get the Page Translation you show on your video? It takes me to a Add a New Page! Could you help me pls? thx

  15. Heel informatief, bedankt! Enig idee hoe je ook plugins zelf vertaald met de WPML String translation plugin?

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