WP-Church WordPress Theme Tutorial

WP-Church WordPress Theme Tutorial

This is a tutorial on most of the options for the wp church theme for wordpress.


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  1. What plugins are you using for the slideshow, calender, and timer?  This is a great video!  I’m working on redoing my church’s website and your videos are very helpful!  Keep them coming!  I just need to know those plugins and I should be set!  Thanks again!

  2. How do I add this title—> “WP-Church, a unique theme for a unique community …
    ” like on the example template but with my own words on my site?

  3. I know your on your honeymoon, does anyone else here no why the maps built into this theme isn’t working? Under the theme settings where the maps option is I have the physical address I want. I even confirmed that it’s spelled correctly in google maps and when i click the Get Directions it opens the double window on the screen it’s blank. Any ideas?

  4. Hi Tyler, get off that honeymoon so you can help us. We are more important then your wife….. LOL just kidding. Hey when I add .png files to the site using this theme I get a grey background. How do I make it so the .png file is transparent. I’ve looked everywhere online I can’t find a solution. Thanks 

  5. I like your works really want to know the name of the church Theme u used and how i can get one….

  6. Praise God and thanks for this wonderful tutorial Tyler! I just downloaded the Church Theme, but I didn’t know that you would have this tutorial available. I’m going to follow it and update you when I’m done!

  7. hello tyler hope u fine. I want to know im making a new website of my church channel but one thing which cant understand that how can i put option of live calls or live chatting in website will u pls help out me for that

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