WordPress Woocommerce Tutorial 2016 (V2.6) | UPDATE W/Tax And Shipping (eCommerce Tutorial)

WordPress Woocommerce Tutorial 2016 (V2.6) | UPDATE W/Tax And Shipping (eCommerce Tutorial)

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Learn the new updates for the woocommerce plugin with wordpress. This will help your ecommerce wordpress website sell products and items online. In this tutorial, i will cover tax and shipping because there was a small update with the woocommerce plugin. This is version 2.6 of the woocommerce plugin. If i didnt cover everything in this woocommerce ecommerce tutorial, you can check this other tutorial where i cover all of the options for the woocommerce plugin.

Here is more information on the woocommerce plugin for wordpress if you are still having issues

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15 Replies to “WordPress Woocommerce Tutorial 2016 (V2.6) | UPDATE W/Tax And Shipping (eCommerce Tutorial)”

  1. hi i have a question
    we have two taxes CST and VAT but while printing invoice it calculate both taxes instead of one. IT should take one tax at a time for one invoice either CST or VAT

  2. Hi Darrel, you’re a God sent. Would you please make a tutorial on how to add UPS, USPS, DHL, etc to WooCommerce and how the label printing works? Or if you made one or know of some video, can you please share the link? We’re making a clothing store that ships to the USA and international from New York. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  3. I have set up my site, but I am having MAJOR issues when it comes to shipping.. I have set up shipping with both UPS and USPS, but for some reason when I do a test order of more than one item it wants to charge shipping basically per item, instead of a weighted total, any idea how to address this?

  4. Darrel, anything for NYS for Sales Tax plugin? TaxJar does not work. They have no way of not taxing shipping.

  5. From TaxJar: “Thanks for reaching out.  Currently, our API will treat all shipping in
    New York as taxable. Although we are working on adding support to allow
    our customers to make changes to shipping taxability on a state by state
    basis for their particular business setup, unfortunately, we don’t
    offer a way to override this setting just yet.

    We’re prioritizing a fix for this as soon as we can, and I’ve added you
    to our list of customers who will be notified as soon as this feature is
    improved!  Sorry I couldn’t be of more help at the moment.  Please let
    me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!”

  6. Hi Darrel, When setting up tax and shipping if I’m an Admin and I am the one getting a percentage of everything sold and I’m not selling because its a marketplace should I set up tax for everyone else and each state and their percentage or just my state because this is the state my place of business is from? does that make sense lol sorry… its a marketplace…

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, helped clear up my Woo Issues, and you’re voice is clear & audible. You would be amazed how many tutorials are posted w/ folks you can barely hear or, at times, understand.

  8. I don’t know what happened but my products don’t show under my shop page I am going crazy what I’m doing wrong.

  9. Thank you very helpful, but idf i want to ad the tax in the product page and not just in the cart?

  10. Hey Darrel, Is their a way to setup a free shipping class when you order a minimum of 2 or more products? instead of amount cost.

  11. Hi just trying to do tax on my site it’s not working out. Like how come when you include tax it changes from $37.50 to $34.88 in the checkout at the same rate?
    It’s not calculating 15% tax properly on mine I get some number like your end one.

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