WordPress Walkthrough Series (1 Of 10) – Overview & Installation

WordPress Walkthrough Series (1 Of 10) – Overview & Installation

Bluehost is a top recommended host for WordPress! Follow along as we demonstrate how to create a real website using WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account. Learn click-by-click how to create a static page, add a blog, use plugins, upload photo galleries, and much more!

In this video we explain how to install WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account using our simple, 1-click installer.

If you need more help, just visit or call us at our headquarters 24/7, toll-free: (888) 401-4678

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This video is apart of our WordPress Walkthrough Series 1-10

Chapter 1 – Overview & Installation
Chapter 2 – Login & Admin Area
Chapter 3 – Creating Pages
Chapter 4 – Creating Blog Pages
Chapter 5 – Categories & Tags
Chapter 6 – Using Plugins
Chapter 7 – Customizing Themes
Chapter 8 – Menu & Widgets
Chapter 9 – Creating & Managing Users
Chapter 10 – Marketing Your Website

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22 Replies to “WordPress Walkthrough Series (1 Of 10) – Overview & Installation”

  1. I have never, EVER, seen someone SOOOO in to what they are doing. Seriously, just look at the first three seconds of this video to see a human puppy that returned the stick.

  2. Hi, so I reviewed this video AFTER I downloaded WP. Somehow I managed not to go through these exact steps showed in video, and although I remember entering my domain name I wanted for my new WP, my domain still comfortably sits in GoDaddy account and shows temporarily parked courtesy of GoDaddy. How do I link it to this new WP so I can actually see the coming soon page and get everything in order?

  3. If I get WordPress, aside from using the CMS to build pages, can I also upload .html, .css and .js files I created myself to WordPress? For example, if I build a small application or portfolio project myself, using raw code, (like a responsive page, or small game, or gallery page, etc.) can I then upload it to WordPress? Or am I limited to using only the WordPress CMS to build pages and that’s it?


  4. Hello PLEASE HELP after i select the domain for installation it says “Install directory exists and is not empty. Please confirm that it is safe to overwrite any content in this directory.” How can I cofirm ?? there’s no button or anything ?

  5. Easy? For whom? Like being thrown into a room of gadgets never seen before with names unknown and told to assert one unknown into another unknown before the room fills with water.

  6. Omg, now that I am watching this video again, Is there any way to change the “username” which is my email address without un-installing everything. Omg. I have been trying to get this wordpress completely up & running for over a week now. You make everything look really easy with themes & logo’s but no need for me to go any further if I have to disable everything to correct the email address. I sure hope you got an easy fix. Thanks!

  7. Hi Bluehost! I already have a wordpress website. So what does it mean when you said “”if you haven’t installed wordpress in your site” ?

  8. Do I need to have HTML knowledge to use WordPress?
    Is the free domain from Bluehost free for only a year?
    As the domain is free, will it be registered under my name or belongs to Bluehost?

  9. This isn’t what things look like anymore! I’ve been trying this all day and it either says Error, Unknown Error, or it just stalls and says it FAILED!!! So I guess Mojo wants the $100 to install WordPress which is allegedly FREE?

  10. I added Elegant Themes because it is supposed to have the easiest Drag and Drop templates. BULLLL!! None of this is “EASY”!! Webeasy 10 Professional is Easy!! I Love making great presentations with PowerPoint! Why can’t someone come up with a simple PowerPoint type of website drveloper?

  11. do you think it’s worth starting a blog without having a business? I would like to gather a following from blog posts about my life, then monetise.

  12. Stop trashing Dave guys. Hes doing a fine job with great enthusiasm for a topic that can often turn dry pretty quick. Daves the man. Thanks for the informative and entertaining vids.

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