WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to set up a WordPress blog, change its template, add categories, password-protect a post, and add a blogroll.


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  1. how do i add a picture on the one where you can a pic thats 780 x 95? I have tried to do that! But it denies it! how do i do it?!

  2. Great video!! WordPress is not only a blogging engine but can be used now to build entire websites. I use WordPress everyday for both of these methods. Check out my latest videos such as What is a WordPress Plugin? and How To Create An Author Box In WordPress to learn how to make using WordPress easier.

  3. WordPress is brilliant, I think they should teach it at Schools. Get people to be more creative and less Facebook.

    You can even upload a million records and make a million pages in a day. It’s a place to communite and deliver information but also money can be made from it in various ways.

  4. Nice tutorial Rob thanks, but is this an old version of WordPress? I’m extreeeeeemly new to WordPress.

  5. Thank you so much for this! It’s a lot of help for WP Dummy like me. Such a nice start for beginners.

  6. Gracias Rozemar, os dejo un video que os puede ayudar para poner vuestras videos Youtube en WordPress 😉

  7. WordPress is such an amazing tool! It’s not just for blogging anymore. I know this video shows you how to set up dot com but If you use a dot org blog, you can run membership sites, squeeze pages, sales pages, and so much more. The site mint.com was actually created using dot org. This is where websites are going these days!

  8. Good tutorial video on WordPress. WordPress is definitely not just for blogging anymore. I use WordPress to make affiliate sites and the ability to use plugins makes it able to adapt to nearly any situation.

  9. Is it possible to make there be 2 admins if you save it and use ur own domain

  10. turned off after 2 mins because you don’t have a pop shield on your mic and the popping/booming sounds are driving me crazy

  11. WordPress has developed a lot more since this video was shot, check out my 2012 WordPress tutoirals.

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  15. Thanks for the video Rob and highlighting once again why its such a good blogging platform.

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  21. great i like this video but you can watch also this video /watch?v=KZM0aUxb3Pg

  22. Try increasing the volume on your microphone . If anyone tries to watch your video only using their laptop speakers then the audio wont be loud enough. Im sure you have something to say that would help me but I have to stop because I cant hear you.

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