WordPress Tutorial: Working With Categories

WordPress Tutorial: Working With Categories

Learn what categories are and how they can benefit your WordPress website.

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13 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial: Working With Categories”

  1. I really need help! I am very frustrated. I have done all that and then watched your video and I did it right. When I go to my site I only have the “uncategorized” listed under categories. Where are they? I’m ready to start crying. Why aren’t they on there? Am I missing something?

  2. many tks
    my parent button does not open. must i ad a plug in to get it to work?

  3. Question? when your readers click on a category link, are they sent to a new page? or the posts just get listed by that category only, and on the main page? can they open up on a new page?

  4. I just don’t understand where on the template the categories will appear vs the pages?

  5. hello i want to know how to add something in category
    i created one but when i click it nothing is there

  6. Thank you for explaining. It is a simple concept, but for a first time WP user, it can be confusing at first glance.

  7. Hello. I do have a question regarding the categories. I’ve found this site theninthtrack(.)wordpress(.)com and noticed that when you hover your mouse on the categories it shows all the posts under it with individual links. Unlike mine that just shows everything. How can I do that?

  8. My reason for not finding this very helpful is that this is only a video of how to create categories and not why they exist / are useful / what to do with them. This video is less ‘Working with categories’, more ‘How to create a category’.

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