WordPress Tutorial – WordPress Install Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial – WordPress Install Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial – WordPress Install Tutorial For Beginners.
In this WordPress tutorial I will instruct you how to quickly install a new copy of WordPress onto cPanel. Once the WP is installed using Fantastico Deluxe I demonstrate how I use a password management software to log into the dashboard of WordPress and proceed to update the blogging software to the latest version.
I will also teach you in this tutorial the following:
* Set the WordPress permalink structure for enhanced SEO benefits
* Delete the demo WordPress Page
* Delete the demo WordPress Post
* Delete the bundled WordPress Plugins
* Customize the standard WordPress Theme
* Publish a WordPress Widget
* Edit the first WordPress Category

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  2. Do I need to take out my present site contents from the dir which is what I am trying to change over to WP. I have loaded WP already and the present site,not WP, comes up when I try to view my HOME page after i edit in WP

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  4. sir at the end i get 404 error…every time when i try to install wordpress..plz help me to find its solution.

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