WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composers Image Carousel

WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composers Image Carousel

In this video in the WordPress Visual Composer series, I show you how to work with the Image Carousel function and all the options it provides you with. See how to create more complex pages with these fundamental building blocks.


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10 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composers Image Carousel”

  1. Hello, Paul.
    You are a great online teacher, and your videos on Visual Composer are really helping me. (The WPBakery instruction videos on Visual Composer are some of the worst I’ve ever experienced, so it is wonderful to find your Visual Composer instructional videos here on YouTube.)
    Thank you so much.

  2. Mate you are a life saver, thanks for this!! Channel deserves far more subs, keep it up and thanks!!

  3. Hi Paul, thank you for the video, i have a question however. My images are not showing up??

  4. Once again Paul has made using this feature of Visual Composer very easy to understand. Thanks very much!

    Bodine’s comment below sums up how good your training is, so I won’t repeat it here. Your training is clear and concise. Well done!

  5. Hi, great tutorials! This might be a too big a question for here – can you explain how to make carousel responsive?

  6. Having trouble putting more than five images in the carousel. Plug-in won’t accept additional jpgs. Is there a workaround?

  7. Any idea on how to add custom links? It doesn’t seem to work properly for me. I put the name of the image in followed by ; and the url. It just navigates me back to the site and some of the images wont work at all.

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