WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composer – Tabs

WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composer – Tabs

In this tutorial for WordPress I show you how to easily add Tabs to your website content. A great way of creating tabbed information that won’t overwhelm your website visitors.

Learn how to create new tabs, add icons, edit content and tab names quickly and easily with the power of Visual Composer.


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12 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composer – Tabs”

  1. thank you so much for this my stupid webmaster dindt want to explain to me how to do this to make more money !! I LOVE YOU !!!

  2. Thank you I love creativity and your videos are helping hugely . I appreciate you .

  3. Is there a way to close a tab without clicking on another tab? I would like to be able to toggle a tab open and close by clicking on the same tab.

  4. Hello!
    I’m having a hard time with the visual composer tabs loading. The website takes at least a minute to load, since it’s loading all the content on every tab (there are 30 tabs). How can I change the loading process so that it loads only one tab when the website is launched and not all of them? Thanks!

  5. I have VC and this is not how my tabs work. I have to edit to see anything. I don’t see the tabs after putting them in the row in the backend. Curious.

  6. How do you style the text of the tab title? Not the text in the tab, but the label.

  7. how we can change color choosen tab? in setting has only other tabs.

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