WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composer – Custom CSS

WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composer – Custom CSS

This tutorial on Visual Composer for WordPress shows you how to create & apply custom CSS classes and assign them to individual page elements created with Visual Composer & style them on an individual or global basis.

Using these simple techniques you can easily customize almost any of the Visual Composer widgets throughout your entire site.

See how easy it is to implement these powerful features on your WordPress powered website.


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12 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composer – Custom CSS”

  1. Hi, My heading doesn’t seem to change from red to black. Any suggestions would be such a help in hand? Thanks

  2. It’s taken me ages to find out exactly how to do this! Even the wordpress theme’s support were no help either. Thanks, this has been a huge help!

  3. Can you please tell me the custom css code for resizing the fonts? thnak you for the useful tutorials!

  4. Thanks…. This helped me fix some margin issues I was having with some widgets..

  5. Please help me you are the last hope. I want to remove “proceed to checkout button” on my wordpress site, inspected the element and get

    <a class="checkout-button button alt wc-forward" href= mywebsitelink Proceed to Checkout

    i cant remove the button… in custom css i tried .wc-proceed-to-checkout { display:none; }
    i tried .checkout-button button alt wc-forward { display:none; }


  6. Suddenly I feel enlightened 🙂 Thank you, excellent stuff. And there I was copying and pasting inline css…no more of that. Labour saving par excellence.

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