WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composer – Call To Action

WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composer – Call To Action

This Visual Composer for WordPress tutorial covers the Call to Action Widget and takes you step by step through creating eye catching, static or animated call to action blocks.


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4 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial: Visual Composer – Call To Action”

  1. Really cool video guys! Need more tutorials with that quality! 😉 Fox example how to integrate Rev. Slider or Layer Slider with Visual composer. And as well how to use Visual composer with Woocommerce! 🙂 Many thanks again for the great tutorials!

  2. Simply the best tutorials I have seen on anything web. No wasted time, simple, direct, great pace and awesome voice that is easy to understand. You are a life saver! THANKS

  3. A couple newbie questions…
    Do I NEED to load the framework of a theme to use Visual Composer or can I just work with VC. It seems the Masonic theme I am using fights with what I am trying to do and on the backend page there is no way to use VC to move any of the base theme elements.
    Also, how do I make a clickable image link? Many thanks…

  4. It would be nice if you covered the url link with an example since the call to action must go somewhere. Luv you videos.

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