WordPress Tutorial: Revolution Slider Animation Basics

WordPress Tutorial: Revolution Slider Animation Basics

This video on Slider Revolution for WordPress introduces the basics of animation using this very popular plug-in.

I show you how to add additional layers, animate them, adjust timing, easing and more.

Learn how to make eye catching animated features on your WordPress powered website quickly and easily with this basic tutorial.


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8 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial: Revolution Slider Animation Basics”

  1. Can you please do an updated video? They changed the layout format if you have updated the slider. It no longer looks like this.

  2. Love your videos. Very practical.I’d like to see more on timing the animations and the different styles of animation. If you have it up already I’ll find it, 😉

  3. Nice, but the new interface is completely different, so this is the tut I need but it no longer applies. How about an update?

  4. Is there any way to shrink the size of animation so that i can have more space on my website?

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