WordPress Tutorial On How To Wrap Text Around Image

WordPress Tutorial On How To Wrap Text Around Image

Wordpress Tutorial showing step by step How To Wrap Text Around Image


17 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial On How To Wrap Text Around Image”

  1. Are you using a special plugin to do this? I did exactly what you said in this video and my text is not wrapping around my image.

  2. It doesn’t work for me. I get a big blank space next to my image and the text is above and below but not beside. And I did click the “left” radio button.

  3. You can simply align the image to the left or right of the text before inserting it in WordPress.

  4. thank you for the clear instruction, much more comprehensible than WordPress help pages 😉

  5. Still doesn’t work for me. Did as shown in the video and it appears fine in the WordPress CMS, but when I preview or publish, the image still appears with a whole blank space next to it and all the text below.

  6. thanks Brad – saved me hours of messing about with code and researching how to do this.

  7. How do I get those icons that are next to upload/insert? I do not see those options on my WordPress, I just had ‘Add Media’.

  8. What version of wordpress is this? The one I signed up for doesn’t have the alignment option.

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