WordPress Tutorial: HTML To WordPress Pt.1

WordPress Tutorial: HTML To WordPress Pt.1

this is a tutorial on how I created my website in this tutorial I show you how to code an html & CSS template to get it to work with wordpress and php coding that is needed for wordpress to work. More tutorials on this are coming soon.

files you need to create
there are more but these are most common.

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  6. Great tutorial! Thanks. Just a little suggestion: please turn down the music in the background. At times it was hard to hear your voice. Please make more tutorials, your’e easy to understand!

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  9. +brandon Parker ,  I am having a hard time on how i can convert static html into wordpress , here is my site http://xogsanpost.com/dj.html i need that template to use in wordpress, i copied the page source but unable to convert the codes into wordpress files, how many php files do i need, i basically need how dailymail is, thanks

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