WordPress Tutorial – How To Update Your .htaccess File To Use Permalinks

WordPress Tutorial – How To Update Your .htaccess File To Use Permalinks

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With some website hosts, it is necessary to update your .htaccess file in order to take advantage of pretty permalinks. The only trouble is that many times, you cannot see the .htaccess file in your file manager.

The solution really depends on your host. I do my best to help you figure out how to fix this issue, but if this does not help you, I would suggest calling the tech support line of your host. I would also suggest checking your host’s knowledgebase.

To get the code that you have to insert into your .htaccess file, look at the “using permalinks” page on wordpress.org.


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  3. ¬†You copied a wrong file. The file that you uploaded is .htaccess.txt. Scroll to 4.13 minutes on the video and the name of the file in progress bar. Scroll to 2:45th minute and you should have chosen “Save as type” as “All files” instead of txt file

  4. Hello.
    My blog page not fond after change of permalink from default to post name. Problem continue. Help me please

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