WordPress Tutorial: How To Change A WordPress Theme’s Background Image

WordPress Tutorial: How To Change A WordPress Theme’s Background Image

Changing the background image or color of your WordPress theme can be one of the best ways to make your blog unique.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to change your background to a solid color, a repeating pattern, or a single image that covers the entire screen.

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27 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial: How To Change A WordPress Theme’s Background Image”

  1. how would I write out the code if I just want an image from my media file to be the background and on repeat. I know you said just copy the url tag but I’m not sure how to put it in.

  2. Hi im using the zindi-II them and i want to ad my own image on the left side of the backround.Is that possible or not.

  3. this is incredibly helpful – thank you very much. What I can’t work out, though, is how to put to use an absolute URL for the background image (I can’t access the folder with the original jpg). I try it with a single quote and without, but somehow it always just defaults to the colour. I’m probably doing something wrong but what that is…….

  4. many thanks for that – all is now well! i really appreciate you taking the time to make that video

  5. This was really interesting and well presented! Many thanks! I wish you’d shown it as part of a child theme modification, as I expect the next update of the theme will overwrite those changes?

  6. Thanks. I have a question.
    If I add a comment to someones blog, how do I add a background color or image to my comments? Do you know, or anyone else know? Thanks.

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  8. Just download “Background Manager plugin” and make life easier for yourself. I hate editing codes

  9. what would be the correct resolution pixels to fit all in the background. If im making a design on Photoshop want to correct dimensions so it fits nicely with no repeat.

  10. Unfortunately nothing happens when I do this in the Wootique theme from WooCommerce 🙁

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