WordPress Tutorial How To Add Images To Your WordPress Blog Posts SEO

WordPress Tutorial How To Add Images To Your WordPress Blog Posts SEO

Wordpress Tutorial – How to Add Images to Your WordPress Blog Posts (SEO)

In this video I show you how to add images to your WordPress blog posts, to add visual impact, and increase your SEO.



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9 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial How To Add Images To Your WordPress Blog Posts SEO”

  1. Thank you!  This video has easy to follow instructions. I like the tip about the visually impaired feature as well.  This will be helpful to my family and friends and others who visit my page.

  2. Well done Vickie, I find that if I want to place more thatn one image in a row across the page or position them freely hither and yon the results I get won’t go where I want them to. Do you have a video on that topic?

  3. Great work this is amazing SEO info. What do you think about my channel? I love to discuss SEO, SEM, and SMM hidden tricks as well.

  4. Thanks Vickie, great video! One method I can’t seem to find is how to use an image on the blog page and have that image be the clickable link to the post. For instance in a ‘magazine style’ blog that shows multiple images/pics that you’ve already created and added to your media library. I guess it involves inserting the url for the post into the image somewhere?

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