WordPress Tutorial – How To Add A Banner Ad To Your Widget Sidebar In WordPress

WordPress Tutorial – How To Add A Banner Ad To Your Widget Sidebar In WordPress

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This is how to add a banner ad into your sidebar in WordPress. These sidebar items are called widgets and usually appear on every page of your website. Be sure to watch this in HD, full screen.


22 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial – How To Add A Banner Ad To Your Widget Sidebar In WordPress”

  1. Do you searching something like add_banner_af??
    It’s a plug-in created by me.(if you want try, it’s free )
    You can add banners with or without link.

  2. Thank you for that explanation. I’ve been wondering about how to do that. Now I know. thanks again.

  3. Hi, I wrote something like 

    It doesn’t work. At the place of the banner, wordpress shows the photo of the website’s front page. but strangely this arrives to only some SWf files, not all of them. Does someone have an idea why there’s such a discrimination between SWF files? Please I am desperate 🙁

  4. What if you want to add your own grahpic JPEG as a banner and and link it to the advertiser’s website?

  5. Hi…I tried to place a banner widget on my wordpress website but after refreshing, I cannot see the banner. What am I doing wrong?

  6. interesting, but not sure where you got your source code you did the cut and past for.
    Completely new at this, so any help is appreciated.

  7. I have a question coz I just started using wordpress.
    How can i edit the banner from widget?

    Thank you and looking forward to hear an answer form you.

  8. I keep doing this. Adding a TEXT widgett…adding the source code…and nothing…nothing shows up. What am I doing wrong?

  9. Simple! Really appreciate this as other stuff I searched just made it too complicated for a beginner blogger

  10. Thank you so much for drawing my attention to the fact that there actually is an empty text/HTML widget option!

  11. So actually how you record this kind of tutorial..? and what software had you use..?
    I have to do something like this in my assignment but don’t know actually how to do it.. ><

  12. It’s more detailed than I thought, I will review this later, but thanks for the information

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