WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Step By Step 2016 – How To Make A Website

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Step By Step 2016 – How To Make A Website


WordPress tutorial for beginners step by step 2016. How to make a website using Blog/magazine theme Newspaper. Learn how to build a website step by step with this WordPress tutorial.

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WordPress tutorial for beginners 8 part series includes:

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Part 1: Install Newspaper theme:

This is part 1 of 8 series in which we show how the website will look like after we have build it with WordPress. We start with a introduction where we go thru all the thing we will learn in this 8 part series, on how to build a WordPress website for beginners.

Part 2: Create Main + top menu:

This is part 2 of 8 series where we learn how to create a main menu, and a top navigation menu. In the main menu you add your pages and categories with posts about your topics.

Part 3: Site title & tagline + Logo:

This is part 3 of 8 series where we learn how to add a site title, tagline for the search engines. We will also add a logo in the header.

Part 4: Contact Information:

This is part 4 of 8 series where we learn how to add your contact information in a widget. The widget do we add in the footer, and the contact information will also include a email link for your visitors to click on. When they do so they will come to their email program, with your email already included in the new mail.

Part 5: Create a post:

This is part 5 of 8 series where we learn how to create a post. We going thru how to ad text, images and create headlines. Also how to create a category in the post mode. To get a nice post promotion on the home page we also add thumbnails.

Part 6: Add widgets in sidebar, footer:

This is part 6 of 8 series in which we learn how to add widgets in the sidebar and footer. We will also learn how to install a new plugin and add in to the sidebar.

Part 7: Social Media:

This is part 7 of 8 series in which we learn how to add your social media links in top bar, and in the footer widget area.

Part 8: Add Contact form + Copyright text:

This is part 8 of 8 series in which we learn how do edit your contact page and add a plugin contact form 7. With this plugin your visitors can contact you using the contact form 7.

Learn how to use WordPress for beginners with this step by step WordPress tutorial 2016.

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15 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Step By Step 2016 – How To Make A Website”

  1. You lost me when you said go to Themeforest and buy a theme. With all the free themes available on WordPress you seriously can’t expect a beginner to just buy a theme when it is clear we know nothing about WordPress. This is after all a tutorial for beginners. Why not start with a free theme so that we can get a feel for WordPress? For all you know we may or may not even like WordPress, yet we would be stuck with a $59 theme we may or may not even use.

  2. I have one problem that is Iam not getting add new in themes to upload a template in wordpress. please reply soon.

  3. Great tutorial. But i don’t see [Add new] themes. What did you use? wordpress.com or wordpress.org?

  4. Excelente tutorial, aunque mis conocimientos del idioma inglés no son muy amplios, lo he comprendido todo muy bien. Congratulations are you an excellent teacher, thank you very much.

  5. What if you are not using a theme. I have a website done by someone else as HTMLS Blank wordpress theme. Very little in my dashboard works as you describe. Do you have a tutorial that creates a site from scratch.

  6. Thanks for the video Andrew, downloaded the vid, will watch, work on our Newspaper 7 pro theme and comment later. But thanks for posting the work, the developers did not bother to create a how-to for new users of theme.

  7. I didn’t know creating a blog is too complicated. I expected it’d be just about creating your own page and post all you want. I just got into wordpress yesterday and I’m totally lost like it’s gonna eat me alive. ??

  8. Will your tutorial be applicable to the current version 7 ? It is Adsense optimized? How fast is loading page compared to newsmag or Trumag???

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