WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 – The Dashboard

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 – The Dashboard

THE NEW SITE IS UP FOR ALL WORDPRESS BEGINNERS!!! | In this second WordPress tutorial for beginners, I’ll give a rundown on the different areas of the WordPress dashboard in your administration consol.

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  2. You entered your password and username just by clicking on something at the top. What is that and how did you set that up?

  3. No. You can still find a host to upload your pages created with Dreamweaver. You can also use the software in conjunctions with WordPress as the Pages / Posts body can still take HTML.

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  5. Mr. Wimer, Just stumbled onto this WP training. Thanks for these instructional videos. Looking forward to learning WP to a level of expertise. Many thanks. Shared this to my personal email for filing for review.

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  7. Hello, Robert. Thank you for the wonderful tutorials.

    One question: Can you start a blog in WP.com and then, lets say a few months later or a year later, you realize it took off successfully and you are offered to put advertising or want to sell stuff in it (you know, stuff that WP.com doesnt allow you to do). Can you TRANSFER the content from WP.com to WP.org (to be able to start putting adverts, etc) in its entirety? is it easy?

  8. Interesting you mention Bluehost – I have heard some good things about them.
    Worthwhile information (as an overview) even though WordPress is now on a newer version – it gives newbies a good birds-eye view of things.

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  10. Are you a bluehost affiliate? I see the desire a difference dot… website is being hosted by bluehost but you still own it. So if you own it and people click the link and sign up do you not need to disclose at least here on youtube since you page does not have content other than the hosters’?

  11. Great tutorial ! haha and you sound like Mr Garrison from south park, that was funny

  12. Robert, I just signed up with bluehost for three years based off of your recommendation. Should I just tell my account rep the next time I speak with him?

  13. Hey Robert this helps a lot. I am just getting started and I am using FatCow right now. Would you still recommend bluehost over fatcow. If so could you tell me why? Thanks

  14. This video is the answer for the problems of newbies when it comes to making their own website. Despite the fact that I agree with you that WordPress is a great way of making a website, I would still prefer to have my own domain name though as it is quite more effective than having the “wordpress (dot) com” attached on your website’s name

  15. Hi Robert, thanks so much for the tutorials. Question-what subdirectory/subdomain are you at to demonstrate the Dashboard in Part 2 of your wordpress videos. I went to desireadifferencedotcom and my browser took me to a completely different place than the one in your video.

  16. Hello!
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  17. I expected that this video is going to show how I can host my site rather than starting after hosting. 

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