WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2017 | How To Create A WordPress Website 2017

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2017 | How To Create A WordPress Website 2017

Learn how to create a WordPress website with our 2017 Beginner’s WordPress tutorial. Make a ,000+ website with this FREE step by step WordPress website tutorial.

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About this WordPress tutorial for beginners 2017 – 2018:
– You will learn how to create a website with WordPress – step by step
– You will get access to an agency level WordPress design for Free (Save ,000 – ,000)
– Make a fully responsive website with WordPress (looks great on all devices)
– 100% customizable (layouts, colors, elements…EVERYTHING!)
– Learn basic HTML & CSS for WordPress
– Search engine ready (Make sure your website can be found!)
– Set up Google Analytics for your WordPress website (so you can measure the performance of your website.)
– Set up an email account for your website or business (i.e. ‘hello@yourwebsite.com’ – we’ll use G Suite – formerly Google Apps for Work)
– Integrate a newsletter sign form into your website that triggers an auto-responder email (i.e. a welcome email, etc)
– An in depth walkthrough of the Divi page builder, a drag and drop editor used to create stunning layouts with no coding skills required

0:00 Introduction | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2017 – Create a Website with WordPress
14:52 Step 1 | Set up hosting & register your website domain
22:40 Step 2 | Purchase & download the Divi theme and get access to your FREE layout pack
27:44 Step 3 | Introduction to WordPress: How to Install WordPress, how to upload a WordPress theme, and how to upload a JSON file to WordPress
34:54 Step 4 | How to create pages, posts and menus in WordPress
48:04 Step 5 | How to update WordPress settings, Divi theme option settings and Divi theme customizer settings
1:24:27 Step 6 | Divi WordPress Theme tutorial for Beginners | A walkthrough of how to amend and style content in the latest version of Divi | Custom CSS Explained
2:31:00 Step 7 | How to set up a business email using G Suite (Google Apps for Work)
2:37:05 Step 8| How to index your business website and make it visible to search engines using Yoast SEO & Google Search Console
2:43:44 Step 9 | How to set up Google analytics to track the performance of your business WordPress website
2:46:40 Step 10 | Setting up email marketing, a newsletter opt-in, and marketing automation with AgileCRM, ConvertKit, or AWeber
2:54:22 Last Step | CONGRATULATIONS – You’re done! It’s time to pay it forward

In this Divi WordPress theme tutorial we explore a lot of its features, however you can access the Divi documentation and video tutorial library for more details here:

This is one video from our series of free WordPress tutorials aimed at helping you build a beautiful and effective WordPress website, to view more tutorials view: In the first half of 2017, we’ll be releasing a number of digital marketing courses for WordPress, specifically targeted at how to market your WordPress website effectively through leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Google AdWords, social media advertising, marketing automation and much more.

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  1. Love this complete video of the tutorial.
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  2. I haven’t even completed this video and I already appreciate your fundamentals analogy.  I am a beginner and really impressed thus far.  I will provide you with feedback at the end of the presentation.  Thanks in advance:)

  3. I love your being given to details and being organised when developing your video tutorials. Your videos seems to be the best so far I have watched.and I have watched several of them on Website creation using WP.Congratulations on this project

  4. I don’t know why I have a complete diffrent dashboard with what I saw in the video. I couldn’t find Divi theme either!!! Any help would be highly appreciated!

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