WordPress Tutorial — Change Text Size & Font

WordPress Tutorial — Change Text Size & Font

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Learn how to change your WordPress website’s text size & font in this video from Brandon Yanofsky of MyWpExpert.com.


8 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial — Change Text Size & Font”

  1. New to WP here. how about the menu text? in this sample you have you only have “Home” in the menu. how can you change the font size of it?

  2. Hi. It would actually depend on what theme you are using. You’d need to figure out which CSS element controls your navigation, find it in your style.css, and then change the font size there.

    If you need additional help, feel free to visit my website and contact me through my help form.

  3. You lost me at “edit themes” which doesn’t seem to exist. Yet another dead end. Oh wordpress.com, you will destroy my mind…………………..

  4. Thanks for the help! Your instructions were easy to follow, and they helped me do exactly what I wanted.

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