WordPress Tutorial, Adding Tables Without Code Or Plugin

WordPress Tutorial, Adding Tables Without Code Or Plugin

This is taken from the DVD box set, showing how to set up a WordPress website from scratch and much more. The DVDs cover all aspects from buying domain names and hosting, uploading a site, adding text, images and video, adding links, adding email. Adding email marketing to your site. A brief overview of video and image editing. How to create download pages, how to take payments and an intro into SEO, all without using technical terms.


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  1. This will definitely get the job done. But if you have a large table loaded with keywords and you post it as a image, search engines wont really know about those keywords in the table.

  2. Okay if you want a static table displayed as a graphic.  I am tabulating a rota which changes every week.  The volunteer staff who maintain it want to simply be able to delete & add rows as the rota changes – generating a new JPG every week is clunky

  3. Oh dear. I had hoped this would be a work-around for adding a table to a WordPress Blog page *other* than – take a picture (.jpg) and insert the pic into your blog.  I’d already thought of that and used it. I use Windows, so I used the “Snipping Tool” but it works the same way as the Apple Tool used in this example – bonus, I could snip sections of my tables directly from Excel. And I agree with Jem – I’m using static tables.  Also, honestly – I would have RE-RECORDED this entire vid to avoid the presenter’s embarrassing mistake of forgetting to save the changes to the post, and thus the table not appearing. Yikes.

  4. Nice tut, but quite useless – search engines cannot view the table and it will never appear in Google snippet. Zero SEO value. You should change the title, it is misleading – a complete waste of time for people looking to insert actual tables, not table images.

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