WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction

WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction

This is the beginning of a series on WordPress. In this initial lesson we learn what WordPress is, why it’s useful, and get a feel for what we’ll learn in upcoming lessons (admin screens, custom theme development). Check out my updated (2017) premium WordPress for Beginners course:

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13 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction”

  1. Some good information there but I always think how can I apply this knowledge in a practical and fast way

    Well I got my hands on a WordPress plug-in that is both free and at the same time incredibly powerful

    You can get it here and if you have a WordPress website then I urge you to consider using it:  http://instafunnel.net/instant_content_and_authority/?r=357

    My question is how damn powerful do you think this could be and what use cases would you have in mind to really leverage this plug-in?

    For example I could take a BBC or Wikipedia article on nutrition or recipes and then put in a pop-up or link to a diet book or recipe book that I am selling. Am I missing something here or is this an incredibly useful tool with loads of potential?

  2. Great series and your voice is very easy to listen to. I have a question. Not sure if it was in one of your videos but I think I heard you say that WordPress is available with a drag and drop plugin WYSIWYG and I think you even mentioned the name of it but I missed it and cannot find it now. Can you tell me what this plugin is please. I am very interested in it.

  3. Your Sound Quality is Best. I got over 2x tutorial in my regional language. But ur best in Quality.

  4. Ok so before i saw the video, there was a Wix.com ad which i thought i really funny if you think about it.

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