WordPress Theme Tutorial: Part 1 – Setup

WordPress Theme Tutorial: Part 1 – Setup

This tutorial will teach you how to make your own theme using WordPress, the popular blogging tool.

This video talks about some basics of theme setup, and adds the header, footer, and sidebar to the pages. Nothing big yet, that will come in the next video.

Files Used in Lesson:
Original Page:
Theme Up to This Point:
Sample Posts:


26 Replies to “WordPress Theme Tutorial: Part 1 – Setup”

  1. Absolutely excellent, sir. Each of these segments has completely knocked it out of the park for me.

  2. I have images in my header. I’m not sure how to link them to get them to show up. my whole webpage is basically html besides the little php I have added to make the theme work so far. Any suggestions?

  3. @andrewanimation Im pretty good with html its integrating php I have trouble with. But i just sat down and did some trial and error. what I did was just used a very simple php code for inserting my image instead of the html code.

    I think Im just going to have to learn my way through this but this is the only tutorial I found helpful =]

  4. Thanks, Andrew. Good tutorial. I am using WordPress on the Butane Content Management System and your video was well done. The HD is great..

  5. my friend will this work for the latest wordpress… i cant seem to find the file style.css

  6. my friend will this work for the latest wordpress… i cant seem to find the file style.css

    scratch that i found the css in the themes folder

  7. so say I want to copy a site look like rhettandlink’s site all I do is make a header.php put the header info from the html info from the head of their site and do the same thing with the rest of the php files you need. their site is also ran using wordpress if so then it should be a piece of cake I will try what you did here and see if not I will keep reading my php for beginners book I just got.

  8. A PHP file is NOT “just HTML with PHP code added.” The output of a PHP script can contain HTML, but PHP has little to do with HTML otherwise.

  9. Helpful for starters, thanks. I usually like taking a freebie theme and bending it to my will…now with this tutorial anything is possible.

  10. I am new to wordpress so bear with me. What i want to know is that is this theme installable? i.e. can this be applied like the default (twentyten & twentyeleven) themes??

  11. Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in C:xampphtdocswordpresswp-contentthemestutorial1index.php on line 1

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  13. Very nice. I learned so much from your tutorial. In fact thinking of creating some application using wordpress. Thank you so much. Good job. I subscribed your channel and liked it. I would like to learn more about adding slider, showing post from a single category and plugings.

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  18. Thanks for sharing the information. Never knew that making a WordPress theme will be this easy.

  19. Great tutorial but now time is change. I do the same with my TemplateToaster theme generator.  Making responsive designs through coding is such a painful job. But the thing of relief is that we have a professional software viz TemplateToaster which make things a lot easier.

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