WordPress Theme Customization API Tutorial – Part 1

WordPress Theme Customization API Tutorial – Part 1

Learn how to incorporate the awesome WordPress Theme Customization API into your theme. This WordPress API allows for users to modify your theme from the backend. Possibilities include: changing colors, stylesheets, text, images, files, and so on.

This method is a native alternative to custom theme option panels and plugins. It is pretty awesome.

Video by Austin of AwfulMedia.com.

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Seriously, check out the Codex.

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12 Replies to “WordPress Theme Customization API Tutorial – Part 1”

  1. this is a huge series
    i’am glad that you’re doing this
    may be you could do also
    setting api series also
    best wordpress series in the web

  2. That was pretty awesome stuff! This could also be done with a custom theme options

  3. hi there how much would it cost to create me  themes from existing themes with change of some specific funktions and layout changes.  

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