WordPress Shopping Cart Tutorial

WordPress Shopping Cart Tutorial


In my search to create a fully functional shopping cart application I found the WP-eCommerce Plugin for WordPress. This plugin handles orders, works with most every payment service, handles shipping, inventory, etc!

The only thing people don’t like is that it isn’t easy to make a custom shopping cart with WP-eCommerce. So, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a Custom WordPress Shopping Cart.


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  1. @derekbanas I have added 12 products and marked everyone as featured but still i am not able to get that , i am new to wordpress and also coding , please guide me.

  2. Thank you so much , the mistake or confusion was the product category name = featured

  3. @vijaya6jun I’m glad you got it working. It’s amazing that all of this stuff is free for the most part. Find yourself suppliers, learn about drop shipping and make some money 🙂

  4. I followed your directions to a tee and triple-checked but the plugin is not showing up in dashboard. Any ideas???

  5. Fast reply thank you! Yes it is. myurl>public_html>wpstore>wp-content>plugins>wp-e-commerce.

  6. I think I may know the problem (besides me being ignorant) I had previously installed opencart so I think I have created a conflict, because when I just type in my website url I get taken to the generic opencart page. I need help. Grrrr!

  7. You need to go to installed plugins in your wordpress dashboard and deactivate opencart. Then activate WP E-Commerce

  8. WordPress have been criticized for having some security issues and being unstable if you list alot of items, do you think it’s safe/stable enough to use for an webshop?

    Your tutorials are great btw!

  9. Absolutely! I have a bunch of online stores and I’ve never had a single problem. If you use the right security plugins you should never have an issue. The only time I’ve seen a WordPress site get attacked lately is when the user drops their firewall, or through allowing code injection in comments

  10. I recorded a series of 25 videos-tutorials about wordpress and I uploaded one of those videos on Ytube today. I posted a sample part of the training on my channel.. just check it out: ===> /watch?v=4OYWejep8Ts <– or click on my username to watch it

  11. Hey man Derek only one problem . I am reasonably fluent with woedpress but all the coding stuff you do is well above me. Could i just use the zip files you put in the info and then edit what i dont need?

  12. That should work. Everything I used I give you for free to use in any way you’d like. I have about 80 wordpress development tutorials as well. If you need any help with the theme I can guide you along the right path. Most edits would occur in the HTML and CSS and have little to do with WordPress PHP functions

  13. Hey Derek
    Thanks for the prompt response. I have been following your tutorials very carefully. They have been very imformative and i learn new things everyday. I am from South Africa and all i am trying to do is get my own online store going. I however am trying to see what the most consistant and user friendly option is. I dont mind paying for something but then i need to know that it will work for me with as little hassle as possible.i always get stuck at some stage.

    Robert McColl

  14. I can tell you that I have used WP ECommerce, which is free for almost exactly one year. I have never had a security concern. The only issue I have had doesn’t really have anything to do with WPEC. Some shoppers get confused by Google shopping for some reason? I have found it to be worth the few lost sales though. I have worked with other expensive shopping cart systems and I’ve seen no benefit from them over WPEC

  15. Thank you 🙂 I’m not sure why that would happen. It may be best to get the theme I made and test it. Then you can work from that. The theme I made is free to use in anyway of course. I hope that helps

  16. I’m trying to create a widget with your while loop to show all featured products in a list without pictures. I’m in my widget but the while loop doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Do I have to include some file from e-Commerce plug in. I used your social links plug in Widget as a starting point . The while loop just skips out

  17. There really isn’t anyway to block someone from figuring out a site is run on WordPress. One look at the code will tell them that. You could restrict new people from signing up as users, but a user can’t do anything on your dashboard. I have had numerous shopping carts run on this platform for over 2 years and was never successfully attacked. If you want to add a ton of security get a firewall plugin. I also use a sucuri plugin that is cheap and awesome

  18. You could definitely go in and edit the user accounts page, but then you may have to spend more time on security. Is this something you are doing to make money selling stuff, or are you looking to make shopping carts for others? What I made here is used to make me money. You may be surprised that most people don’t provide me with personal information at all on the site. They give all of that to PayPal and I access it that way

  19. I follow you up to 1:49 but my WordPress page does not have “Plugins” option. Is that because it’s a free theme? What now?

  20. My WordPress website was done by a friend and is free. I just learned that it cannot take plugins. What is the least expensive way of having a site that will take a shopping cart plugin? Thank you.

  21. You can get a hosting plan from go daddy for $4.49 a month. That is what I use. Go daddy will install WordPress easily as well.

  22. I just called GoDaddy and they are quoting prices like $357 per year and as low as $173 per year. I hate the thought of scrapping my site and starting over.

  23. That is crazy. I just signed up for regular shared hosting yesterday for $4 a month. You don’t need a dedicated host to have a shopping cart site. Did you ask about shared or dedicated hosting?

  24. No, I didn’t know those terms. However, I went to wordpress org and they recommend three hosts. I called Bluehost and their price is $5.95 per month if you sign up for three years. Thank you for getting back to me.

  25. I’d check a bunch of them out, but I don’t think I’d commit to 3 years with anybody. That is crazy! Look around and try to find honest reviews.

  26. Thank you 🙂 Sorry, but I don’t use WooCommerce. It looks like it has improved since I last looked at it, but it still looks to be a bit expensive.

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