WordPress Portfolio Tutorial

WordPress Portfolio Tutorial

NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR WORDPRESS 3.6! Click the link below to view the updated and redone video!


This WordPress tutorial video is designed to apply to any WordPress network out there and is useful for users of such networks to use as an introductory video to WordPress. It is designed for someone who has never used WordPress before, and covers all the features of setting up your own personal portfolio.


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  1. @TehOrza Thanks… yeah I may have been a bit. This video was ultimately being made for the entire faculty of two different departments on my campus. Nothing like making a video for your bosses and their bosses lol

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  4. I work as a web developer and I created a series of video tutorials for the use of wordpress. WordPress experts say that this is the most extensive wordpress video series ever. You can watch a sample video from this course on my channel

  5. It’s good that you “show the steps from the beginning” – from the point where WordPress sends an email with your link up to the point when you log in using “wp-admin”. Good detail in this – shows you the options.

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