WordPress Parallax Plugin – How To Make A Parallax Section On Your WordPress Website

WordPress Parallax Plugin – How To Make A Parallax Section On Your WordPress Website

How to make a Parallax Section on your WordPress Blog or WordPress Website. A simple WordPress Plugin Tutorial to make a stunning parallax scene in just seconds!

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32 Replies to “WordPress Parallax Plugin – How To Make A Parallax Section On Your WordPress Website”

  1. Just wanted to post back after doing more research on Intense. It has some truly amazing features not currently available with Visual Composer. But while visiting the Intense website, I saw this, “By adding Visual Composer to Intense, you can easily layout your pages visually. Use Intense’s list of 94 shortcodes within Visual Composer. You won’t find a better combination anywhere” I’M SOLD!! Why not combine the 2 for a truly easily and customizeable experience. About to purchase Intense now. Thanks for the vid.

  2. Awesome! This is a fantastic effect! I find it’s a lot better than buying a full Parallax template or theme.

  3. Awesome tutorial – thanks man!  I’m totally buying this plug in – i hope you get a kickback!

  4. I am not a techy – AT ALL.  Just created my first website.  This is going to be an awesome addition.  Thank you!!!!!

  5. Great job rob.i love ur enthusiasm.. Do you know if the Envato Suite membership or Avada Theme (belongs to envato) contains this feature?

  6. this plugin is no longer there, how can i get hold of it? thanks

  7. Hi Robert
    I got the plugin it works so thanks …however i want to add the parallax scene laye coder to the parallax scene…would you be so kind to tell me where in the parallax scene code i need to place the parallax scene layer code..

  8. Can you put GIFs as your background (instead of a picture) with this plugin? Great video, cheers!

  9. Sweet, that plugin comes built in to the theme I use, so I will check that out!

  10. just buy the divi theme it is expensive i know but it is much easier to use
    and it got a pretty good builder

  11. Great video. I realize that this video is relatively old, but I do still love it. As one of the developers of the Intense shortcode plugin, I want to thank you for taking the time to put this together. I like that you mentioned that there are a lot of other settings, but that only a few are needed in order to get the parallax effect.

    For what it’s worth, thank you very much for putting this video together. We really enjoyed it.

  12. Hi! Thanks for the great video! I’ve downloaded the plugin but what I activated it, my site encountered a “fatal error” and locked me out of admin. Once I resolved the issue, I tried to install the plug in and was prompted with this warning before activation, “Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=356713 in /home/erikac7/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1813” Any idea what this issue might be? I really want this to work! I’m so excited to have the parallax effect on my site!

  13. I know this video is old, but I used I bought the code and used it and it’s cool. However I’m having a problem with text. I’m using the snippet code in a Bridge Theme. When I place text in it as you did in your tutorial I get a white box around my text and can’t get rid of it. Do you by any chance know why that could be?

  14. Robert … I’m searching for a solution that VERY valuable to me. Nah, it’s vital. Will this add a header to a forum section? Not the entire forums, just a section. I canNOT seem to find a solution anywhere. I feel confident that there’s a way, but it’s evading me! Thanks in advance, bro!

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