WordPress For Beginners 2015 Tutorial Series | Chapter 3-1: WordPress Dashboard

WordPress For Beginners 2015 Tutorial Series | Chapter 3-1: WordPress Dashboard

WordPress for Beginners 2015 Tutorial Series | Chapter 3-1: WordPress Dashboard

In the first video of chapter three, we’re going to explore the WordPress dashboard, and learn how to navigate within the dashboard.

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About this Course:
WordPress for Beginners 2015 is a course specifically designed for folks who want to learn WordPress step-by-step, from the very beginning. All concepts are explained clearly, so you can build a strong foundation in WordPress.

Perhaps you are a WordPress enthusiast, a small business owner, freelancer, internet market, or maybe you are someone that’s always wanted to create a website but didn’t know where to start – Perfect! This course was create for you.

In today’s fast paced world, knowing how to build a website is integral to your success, and if you don’t know how, you are severely limiting your potential.

Why go to the hassle of dealing with web design agencies and pay thousands of dollars for a website when you can learn how to do it yourself?

In this WordPress for Beginners 2015 Foundation Course, I’ll walk you through step-by-step on how to create and manage your very own WordPress website. I’ve also included ALL lecture material, so you can follow alongside me.

Chapter One is focused on introducing you to WordPress, differences between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com, as well as different types of hosting.

Chapter Two is focused on preparation, including registering a domain and webspace, configuring DNS settings, acquiring necessary software, as well as uploading and installing WordPress.

Chapter Three is divided into Block A and Block B. In Block A we’ll be focusing on the content creation side of WordPress, including learning how to create posts and pages, differences between posts and pages, categories vs. tags, and more. In Block B, we’ll be focusing on the site structure aspect of WordPress, including working with themes, plugins and widgets, customizing menus, permalinks, and more.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the corresponding video and I’ll do my best to help you out.


9 Replies to “WordPress For Beginners 2015 Tutorial Series | Chapter 3-1: WordPress Dashboard”

  1. i don’t have a customize your site button or area shown above… i don’t want to start blogging until i have customized it. i was told i could download templates but have yet found where and how to.

  2. You can’t imagine how frustrated I am, as completely non-techie. As I am following this first video of yours it doesn’t look at all like my screen. Is the version your looking at the paid version? My WordPress BTW is heavenholdsmyname. Thank you for your help.

  3. Would I need to follow this step plus the Chapter 2 steps if I already have a blog at XYZ.wordpress.com?

  4. Here we are in 2016. It’s only January; but I’m noticing that my DASHBOARD looks nothing like what your are showing. As the titles of your videos series suggests, you are explaining things with the 2015 version. My frustration has been mounting, as I can’t seem to get SIMPLE 2016 tutorials for the updated version of WordPress.com. WordPress has this THEMES thing. YOU MUST pick a theme to start on the starter page. I think they currently give three to choose from to get a kickstart. BUT the THEMES customization is so complex and makes it extremely difficult to JUST GET A WEBPAGE started. Something super simple like having a menu at the top with drop down of HOME, ABOUT US, SERVICES, and CONTACT – probably what a billion or so other site would have as MUST HAVES to start out — and I can’t seem to figure out something THAT SIMPLE. The complexity interweaves with what should be simple; whereas, if I had designed such a platform as wordpress, which so many PROFESSIONALS and AMATUERS, alike, are now attempting to utilize – I would have SEPARATED the Super Simple Start Up stuff, from the more complex stuff. My feeling is this…just get a skeleton series of partially hierarchial pages set up; THEN mess with prettying it up with widgets and plugins and fancy text.

    I didn’t bother with registering for a domain name; because I’m low budget and can’t afford the very cheapest packages per month at the moment. Trying to turn my life around by studying this stuff on my own, has been so frustrating. I tend to think in systems and in simplification of systems. My lack of knowledge in this area has been a major stumbling block.

    WordPress, to my knowledge does not address the CHANGES with their platform, especially regarding getting around with the THEMES option and the new Blue and White Dashboard that shows up.

    I applaud you for going another angle with this whole WORDPRESS IS SIMPLE TO SET UP IN A HALF HOUR OR SO, trend, I see here on YouTube. You are setting yourself apart. I noticed that when, during the first playlist video, hover links in rectangles showed up, which I could click on to take me to your other videos.

    I would like to offer that those hover cards (if that’s the proper name for them) should not take you OUTSIDE of the playlist you created. I noticed that it did. Which means people have to keep going back to your playlist; which in effect, defeats the whole PURPOSE of the playlist in the first place! You may have already noticed this; and may in fact, have no other options, possibly being limited by the YouTube platform itself; but if not – just thought I’d give you a head’s up from an outsider’s perspective 😉

    Thanks so much for all the videos and great content that you’ve offered up thus far! Looking forward to more in the future

  5. Thank you for this man, you have helped me a lot and taught me really cool things so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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