WordPress.com Menus Submenus, Pages, Post Categories

WordPress.com Menus Submenus, Pages, Post Categories

Wordpress.com: Tutorial on Menus and Submenus, and how to put Pages, Post Categories onto the menus


22 Replies to “WordPress.com Menus Submenus, Pages, Post Categories”

  1. First love your accent. Second THANK YOU you are easy to understand! Great video

  2. Hey Deirdre,
    I have a Question for you. What if i tell you that when i click on “Things to do ” it open a page or specificaly blank page in this case.
    But if i dont want it in a clickable form is there any way out to do the same.
    please suggest me with the same asap.

  3. Thank you very much for this video! I knew this wasn’t as difficult as i was making it haha

  4. It makes things easy. I had struggled how to do it. Thanks for making it easy for me.

  5. Noo… This method *will not* let you get a list of posts in the very
    own menu itself. It will link to a target “page” where you will see all
    the posts in a blog format. πŸ™
    How do you list the category’s subposts in the menu itself?

  6. Hard to believe you did this in 2013 but yet it was the best video to help me out in 2017!!Thanks!

  7. This video is so useful that it solved my major obstacle and I am so grateful to this lady who made this. I have been searching for such a simple steps that @wpbeginner couldn’t give me. Thank you mam

  8. thank you i just started WordPress and i was literally going , OK how do i post on my categorized menu tab???#βƒ£βœ”βœ”βœ”

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