WordPress CMS/Custom Menus Tutorial

WordPress CMS/Custom Menus Tutorial

In this week’s video blog James presents an introduction for utilising WordPress’ Custom Menu feature. WordPress Menus give you the ability to create multiple custom CMS menus from the administration panel of wordpress.
You can find the supporting code at


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  1. Great tutorial. Please continue making more. What resources would you recommend learning wordpress from beginner to advance level?

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  3. Helpful video! thanks! did this ever occur to you, can’t get my head around it:
    – at 3.56 you add the pages to the menu, for some reason my selected page won’t upload into the menu section i get the spinning wheel
    – Given that there are already quiet a few sections in the menu, it is most likely linked to a menu limitation. To solve that i found out that i should change the max_vars to higher. Unfortunately my development skills only goes this far and i cannot locate that function.
    any ideas?

  4. At the end I was looking forward that you would finish the tutorial with bottom menu styling.

  5. I just tried this and it crashed my site. I tried to take out the code and my site is still trashed

  6. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! did you know if you use the Display Widgets and Exclude Pages from Navigation plugins you can silo your wordpress blog?

  7. You say ‘just a little bit of code’ as if it is nothing.
    How do I go to the place where he is at in 9:04?

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