WordPress Booking Plugin: FREE Appointment System (with Calendar)

WordPress Booking Plugin: FREE Appointment System (with Calendar)

Learn how to let your visitors book appointments through WordPress using a free appointment booking calendar plugin. A step-by-step guide.
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Want to let your visitors book appointments through WordPress? Sure, you could do it manually through your contact form, but why not set up an automated system to save yourself some time? With an appointment booking calendar, visitors can easily check availability and schedule an appointment all by themselves.

While there are several different plugins that can help you let your visitors book appointments through WordPress, I chose Easy Appointments for this tutorial because it’s, first off, free.

Easy Appointments WordPress Plugin –

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23 Replies to “WordPress Booking Plugin: FREE Appointment System (with Calendar)”

  1. I love your videos! Karenter.com please take a look, I was able to make my website like this because of YOU! Please keep the coming

  2. Welcome and thank you for spending your precious time viewing the content of this channel. Any questions about the content of this video are welcome in the comments below. Please like/share/subscribe!

  3. Hi, I am author of EasyAppointments plugin and I just want to say big thank you for that awesome video.

  4. Sir i want to use it for hotel booking, how can i add two calendar and how can i show availability of room please help

  5. Dude. You Rock! Thanks! I need to look into why the user cannot select the appointment type. =)

  6. I have one question. How do you get the different services to show up? Thanks. Notice it just defaults to one of them.

  7. Hello! Thanks for a great video! Looks like the email system isn’t working properly. Do you know why this might be?

  8. Thank you Robert! I have been looking for an appointment video to help install this plugin and I found this video to be very helpful. Look forward to more videos. Thanks!

  9. Don’t you think those shortcodes should be available in the app?! Instead of me having to hunt for them!?

  10. Hi, thanks for the video. I’m using Enfold theme and it seems that when I pick service the calendar keeps loading forever so i actually can’t pick a date because calendar is loading. Do you know what might be the issue? thanks

  11. Hi after setting it up and adding the shortcode in the page when i visit the page after taking a while in loading the calender it fails to load it and it shows an alert of “internal error: please try again later” in the website please help me out here 🙁

  12. Thanks for  the video !  Besides, I have a problem, i Can’t receive the report by mail, even when i put my mail on  Settings > Customize > Pending notifications e-mails. I only receive “TEST?”. Help me plz.

  13. [ea_bootstrap]
    For a basic one-colomn form

    [ea_bootstrap width “800px” scroll_off=”true” layout_cols=”2″]
    To create a tw-column form

  14. Awesome video, however I’m having difficulties adding the short cut to my new page. Can’t find the short cut. Help me please.

  15. what about time between the hours, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45.
    i am in the limousine business and i people don’t book on the hour.
    i don’t do business at my location, i pick up clients from their homes, offices and various other places so i need to get their “pick up” and “drop off” location, instead of my office being there at the bottom. can that be done with this?

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