WordPress AJAX Tutorial

WordPress AJAX Tutorial

WordPress AJAX Tutorial


4 Replies to “WordPress AJAX Tutorial”

  1. +Brandon Brotsky nice thing bro and thanks for sharing but can you explain in detailed way? I mean tutorial for beginners is always appreciable. 

  2. Thanks for making a quick non beginner video! So annoying having to sometimes fast forward through many videos to find the piece of code you want. Often useful as a memory refresher for me, I love these types of videos to quickly job my memory.

  3. You’ve shown how to edit the code to get everything working.But where to put it? Of course you can’t answer that for every project out there. But you could explain it more explicitely for your project and your thoughts behind putting it in this file and not in that one. This might be enough info for a noob like me to find the right place in his environment.

  4. Thanks for this video, could you maybe explain why you put this in a theme? Isn’t this more ‘logic’ which could/should be placed in a plugin? I would really like to know a good OO approach to get something similar working as a plugin.


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