WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin Tutorial: Multi Vendor Marketplace – Website Like Amazon

WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin Tutorial: Multi Vendor Marketplace – Website Like Amazon

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Turn your wordpress website into a multi-marketplace website. This is a tutorial on the woocommerce product vendors plugin by woocommerce. In this woocommerce tutorial, I will show you how to turn your wordpress website into a website like amazon. You can create a wordpress website like amazon with your existing wordpress website with the woocommere product vendors plugin. ITS EASY! You will master the product vendors plugin after this tutorial! Good luck!


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34 Replies to “WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin Tutorial: Multi Vendor Marketplace – Website Like Amazon”

  1. hello! Is there an option where we can limit the vender product with that plugin?

  2. @Darrel WilsonCan this woocommerce plugin be install on a website from hostgator or bluehost domain?

  3. Can the vendors receive their music hey straight to the bank account because some countries don’t receive money through PayPal.Thank you.

  4. Dear Sir, this is awesome video, i have one question, how can i change the registration form layout? could u plz tell me plz? thanks in advanced

  5. great video, how can i set up an automatic payment system with pay pal without me allocating payment to every vender?

  6. you are great as always! is it same as WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin?

  7. hi.. Big fan of your vids.. I have 2 questions..
    1. Is paypal the only way to pay? can I put in a private payment api? Cos you can’t recieve paypal payments in my country.

    2. Is it possible to create a chat for vendors and customers? something like ebay..

  8. I’m trying to create a page that lists the vendors. Product documentation provided the shortcode [wcpv_vendor_list show_name=true] but nothing other than the title appears on the page. Suggestion?

  9. Dear Darrel , can you please guide me the difference between product vendor plugin and WC vendor. Is it good to use product vendor plugin or WC vendor plugin? I am starting to set up my online shopping portal where vendors can sell their products via our website. Can you please guide me.Thank you

  10. hey darrel, may I ask?

    can I use more than one Print on demand company in my woocommerce site? for example, I’m using printaura, I also want to use scalablepress.com.

    if I give scalablepress.com my consumer key secret would it override my printaura API?

    and is there a plugin in wordpress for this issue?

    Thanks for the info dude. Much appreciated!

  11. may I ask, what is the best hosting and infrastructure for this, if for say i have 1000+ vendors?

  12. Hi Darrel, I did not understand the payment section? In case the vendor has put his paypal email address correctly, where exactly do we trigger the payment ?

  13. Hi, may i ask if this plugin could work with “Shop as Customer for WooCommerce” plugin, to allow ventors make an order for a customer?

  14. Hi, great video showing much of the plugin features. Thanks 🙂

    One remark: when you talk about “taking over” (at around 17 minutes) editing the vendor product, you seem to suggest that that will completely disallow the vendor from editing his/her own product. This is not the case. The “Take over” option is showing there at that point because you are logged in and editing that same product (as vendor) on the other browser. WordPress then asks you to take over (or not) to prevent the same post to be edited by multiple users at the same time… It’s not permanent.

  15. hello there, This amazing tutorial and love it, i am searching for another Plugin for Multi-vendor for booking hotel. Like Different Hotel can tag there price and i can get commission from them Please let me know. Thank you

  16. Hey darrel, excellent job with the videos. I did purchase the plugin. i need help:
    1. is bank transfer option is available with this plugin
    2. how do i increase the font of the top menu
    3. can i have 2 separate menus ? 1 for header and 1 for footer ??

    thanks… your work saves a lot of $

  17. Hi! Great tutorial! Is there a way how customers can private message the vendors? or is there another plugin that integrates with it that allows private messaging sucg as buddy press?

  18. Hi sir i want to ask question paypal api keys secret keys compulsory to enter standard paypal will work like if we only enter our paypal email?
    Thank you

  19. HI,
    I wonder that will the vendor be notify in email automatically after someone buy their provided products??
    thanks so much!!

  20. the only annoying thing is the vendors have to log in via the back end ( WP) its a shame they cant log in via the site

  21. For the commission payout, does it offer a feature to automatically send out invoices to your vendors?

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