WooCommerce Grouped Products Tutorial

WooCommerce Grouped Products Tutorial

Learn how to setup Grouped Products with WooCommerce.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you exactly how WooCommerce Grouped Products work and how to create them in the WordPress admin.

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33 Replies to “WooCommerce Grouped Products Tutorial”

  1. I love your video,but i do not have a dropdown in my woocommerce group settings> whaat should i do? i just downloaded the woocommerce 2014

  2. Is it possible to add the group child options to a dropdown menu? The default layout is ugly.

  3. I want it to show my “Parent” product as sold out, once all my simple products sell out. because if i sell out all types of “Playstations” 100,200,250gb there are no other playstations. but It is showing that after they all sell out my “Parent” of the group is still in stock. even though my parent doesn’t really exist, it’s just a way to group the simple products. Is there a solution in settings?

  4. Thanks for making this easy in a world full of woocommerce not so easy 🙂

    Any idea if you can have small thumbnails of the options in grouping? to use your example say there were 3 other colors avail. and you wanted to show a mini pic of each next to the options.

  5. I’m using this for a service (not a product), wondering if it’s possible to make certain child products ‘required’. So they would have to choose one of the various base service, but then there would also be upsells/extras that wouldn’t make sense to be sold as individual units. Hope that makes sense

  6. Trying to make a build your own kit option for a couple of my products.  However, it seems as though I can’t have 1 child product that goes into more than one grouped product.  Any ideas?

  7. But why not do this with variable products – people would not normally want to buy multiple devices of different sizes.

  8. This was not a very good tutorial video because after 5 minutes you have still not explained when Grouped Products should be utilized. I’d appreciate if you tell why, before how. I’ve seen this problem in many of your other videos as well. Cheers

  9. Thanks for the demo! I noticed that at the top of your product it says “From” 150.00 My product page doesn’t have the from… just the price. How do I edit that? Thanks!

  10. Thank you for the tutorial. My interest is in selling a grouped product of digital download PDF ebooks. Would you please give a tutorial that shows how the specifics of that setup in the Mystile theme in WooCommerce looks? Specifically, I would like to set up a group product that would be sold at 10% off the regular price of each book, and also include one specified free book. Thank you for your help.

  11. does anyone know if there is a way to bulk upload a group products? like to upload 100 products with grouped products associated with it?

  12. How to show products on each page category? I wanted to create different pages on the menu and if I am going to create new product and want it to show in the page that I created how will I do it?

  13. How do you do grouped products but as a drop down, I have 100 different versions of the same product, so when a user clicks a product, I want it to show a-c, d-h- i-z, with a drop down for each??

  14. My + and – buttons are not displaying. The column that my theme is using is similar to yours, but the border spacing must be different. How do I adjust so my quantity boxes have the + and -‘s?

  15. after I create a new group product with 2 products when there are 2 buttons “add to cart”. Why?

  16. Hi Nice tutoria…is there a way to show the child products images via a thumbnail and if you hover or click on the thumbnail it pops up?

  17. Perfect tutorial. Exactly what I was looking for. Made perfect sense! Very valuable! Thank you very much!

  18. Surely what you have done here would be better accomplished using variations of a single product?

  19. Woocommerce – How to make checkbox instead of quantity input in all products under the grouped product

  20. Hi, could you help me? Is it possible to change the page checkout? View it on my account page.

  21. As of April 2017, you first set up Simple Products then add them all collectively into one Grouped Product.

  22. Very nicely done. Thanks. I don’t understand the dislikes, you did a good job. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

  23. Hi I have no grouping section in my linked product? how can i get then? what can be problem?

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