Web Design Tutorial: Start A Website Or Blog With WordPress – How To Make A Website #1

Web Design Tutorial: Start A Website Or Blog With WordPress – How To Make A Website #1

In this web design tutorial we are going to look at what makes a website look good. This is video one in my series on how to make a website with wordpress.

In this video I’ll walk you thru some of the first steps that you need to be thinking about to create a great website design. In the next videos we well start actually creating our websites!

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10 Replies to “Web Design Tutorial: Start A Website Or Blog With WordPress – How To Make A Website #1”

  1. Hi Tim, Thanks for all of the great informative videos. Great suggestion on getting clear on a simplified color scheme and I appreciate the simplicity of the templates you used as examples in this video. I’d like to build my first WP site for my coaching business and after listening to several of your vids, I had it narrowed down to Divi (even tho I like some of the Avada themes better). Numerous people, including my virtual assistant, suggest I choose a free theme that looks ok, for now. Once things are cranking – go back and consider Divi or Avada. I’d love your thoughts on this. I’m a professional graphic designer and I’m very particular and can’t imagine finding a free theme that live up to my standards. Do they exist? I thought about using Wix since I know this platform but it doesn’t support affiliate tracking.

  2. Thanks Tim. Lots of great tips in here. I really liked how you took few examples of websites and explained what you liked about it. Breaking it down to digestible pieces was really helpful for me as my strength is in coding websites from PSD rather than designing from scratch. Thanks for the color scheme idea too. Simple and quick. I found you by searching for a beaverbuilder video tutorial which is another great gem. Looking forward to watching your other videos.

  3. Hello Tim, Before I dive in and take advantage of the incredible Divi deal, are there ANY other themes you’d recommend for a design diva like myself? I really like how intuitive WIX is but they’re not set up to do affiliate tracking. I checked out Beaver Builder and was not impressed with design details. Do you think Divi is as intuitive as Wix or have any other recommendations? Thanks so much!

  4. Tim, I’m also curious if you’ve had experience with the Divi page builder tool as a standalone WP plugin with other themes?

  5. Great tutorials. I been building web sites since 00. Great info you are sharing… ty. Subscribed

  6. Great introduction tutorial Tim. Could you tell me the Windows equivalent to the Apple Digital Color Meter tool to use with Paletton.?

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