W3C Tutorial On WordPress

W3C Tutorial On WordPress

In this W3C tutorial, I gave an example how to validate a wordpress blog.
Find someone reliable to validate your blog:
Better quality of the video:


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  1. Hi Kimmie, thanks for the tutorial. Please can you help to explain which page in the editor needs to be fixed. I have used W3C validator, and it shows what need fixing, but not WHERE or which template in the editor to fix. it is so frustrating. Please help

  2. Hi , I just checked my blog and found 19 errors  , mostly it’s  -Element div not allowed as child of element span in this context- . Do I need  to delete this lines ? Or it should be done something else ? Thank you very much

  3. hi Amazing tip ! let resolve the issue now if still any problem you may consult with expert link our channel

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