Tutorial: How Create A WordPress Theme From Scratch (Basic Intro)

Tutorial: How Create A WordPress Theme From Scratch (Basic Intro)

Uses this PDF document as reference:

Uses this HTML page/package as a starting point:

How to take a regular HTML page and turn it into a very simple WordPress Theme Package that you can use on any wordpress site. Uses Dreamweaver.


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  1. Hey just a qeustion, now in the ‘news’ tab I would like the show the different categories i’ve made. What php tag / tags do I have to use for this?

  2. Thank you for the great video. Usually I have to look up another video to get all the info I need, but not this time. You covered all the basics to creating a WP theme and I thank you. 

  3. I usually don’t give negative comments but I think your tutorial is misleading. If you try creating this theme you will find you can’t edit your menu in the dashboard. You also will find you can’t add widgets or plugins into your themes. Nor will you be able to customize the appears of your theme with wordpress.

  4. Hello, I’m having trouble seeing my image in WordPress.  I uploaded the theme, but my image doesn’t show.  Can you help me?

  5. @slcadamco’s channel what tools did you use to create that PDF file. It looks really professional.

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