Tutorial: Contact Form 7 (WordPress Plugin)

Tutorial: Contact Form 7 (WordPress Plugin)

This video tutorial was created for those who need support for Contact Form 7 within WordPress.

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  1. I am an expert in wordpress and I created a bunch of video tutorials for the use of wordpress. WordPress developers say that this is the most comprehensive wordpress video series of 2013. I posted a sample video from the training course on my channel. check it out..

  2. Hi Mike great video. I have a short question….I want to make the “SEND” button look exactly like the Call to action buttons on my web (which they all have the same class). How do I do this?

  3. You will need to edit the style sheet attached to the Contact Form 7 plugin. If you would like more information, please feel free to call me at 330-802-0285.


  4. I just did a quick search and found a website that defines the Contact Form 7 button as using the .buttons_form CSS class. You will need to modify this class within the style sheet attached to the contact form 7 plugin. Also, I highly recommend you test your modified style, before you go live, by using Chrome’s developer tool or Firefox’s Firebug plugin. To use Chrome, right click contact form button and click “Inspect Element”. To use firefox, you will need to add the Firebug plugin.

  5. Thx Mike. How do I modify the [submit”send”] Line to have the same class of my other call to action Buttons within my site.Theme is responsive. Check my wp chrisjauslin dott ca

  6. I want the contact email to go to two people and I looked up different you tube videos
    but I can not find one that you did. You explain wordpress the best.

  7. Everything on my site looks right, but I am not getting the messages in my inbox when I send test messages.

  8. I want to know how can I restrict email more than one (that receive the information) each email per one choice when people selected the choice in dropdown menu (I’ve created it from generate tag) ?
    Thank you for your reply. ^^

  9. This is not a feature that is available via Contact Form 7. It would have to be custom coded. I can help more if needed.

  10. thank you so much.. been looking for this for hours now.. and than your video that has like 5000 vievw helped me.. love u

  11. When you fill in the contact form on my web site, there is an automatic message near each field that says ‘please fill in required field.’  How do you get rid of this message so that it will send when you hit the ‘send’ button.

  12. Hi +Mike Stratton, At 2:56 you mention the email (user’s email) in the From field being a security risk. I’m new to WordPress and website creation and I’m not to sure what you meant by your explanation and how it could be a security risk. Could you please elaborate? Thank you for your brilliant video!

  13. Help! I followed this tutorial but my website’s contact form won’t allow people to type! The text field is missing and idk why…www.dreamspired.us What do I do? Please help!

  14. awful – incoherent, sounds like he’s drunk talks tacky all the way through – tells us he’s too rushed to make his text correct (he has many clients now he adds) disgrace

  15. Thanks a bunch. I totally like your vid and the following just crossed my mind. Would you mind putting links to each other’s videos because it seems to make perfect sense to our audiences.

  16. Hey Mike, thanks for the great tutorial.  I am having an issue with CF7 in that it all of the sudden stopped sending emails to me notifying me of new form submissions.  Any idea how to fix this problem?

  17. Im having an issue you with getting the attachment to send in the email that notifies of a new submission. Please help!

  18. Ok so I have literally watched dozens of Contact Form 7 videos and none of them show how to set up a for to send to specific addresses based on a selection the user makes.
    An example of what I am talking about is If I select the tech support department the email should go to their email or if the users selects customer service it should go to their email address.
    Will you please do a video of how to set this up using contact form7

  19. Hi, Could you help how to enlarge the fields of a dropdown menu in the contact form 7?
    Thanks in advance. Mike.

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