Tutorial: Adding A Post To Your WordPress Blog (Basic)

Tutorial: Adding A Post To Your WordPress Blog (Basic)

– It’s time to Rock Your WordPress! This is the simplest version of the idea of adding a blog post. There are many more advanced features, but that isn’t the purpose of this WordPress Tutorial.

Anything new can be daunting. For some of you, WordPress and blogging might be brand new. This video covers the basics of adding a new blog post to WordPress. So go ahead use your WordPress blog and tell the world what’s o your mind.

Rock On!

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7 Replies to “Tutorial: Adding A Post To Your WordPress Blog (Basic)”

  1. Wonderful teach job, Lennie! You are as great ON stage as you are SIDE stage. In gratitude.

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  4. I finally have my blog posts where they should be on the blog “page”, but now my posts are showing in a small way, like only excerpts are showing. Is there a quick fix to get the whole blog post to show?

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