Top 11 Best WordPress Plugins 2016 | Must Have Plugins For WordPress!

Top 11 Best WordPress Plugins 2016 | Must Have Plugins For WordPress!

Purchase Plugins Here: () Get the best wordpress plugins for 2016. These are really good wordpress plugins that will help you create your wordpress website. I use many of these plugins and have really helped me out with my wordpress website. I use wordpress alot and i always look out for new talent and the best wordpress plugins. I felt that these plugins were really good so they made my list of the top 11 wordpress plugins! I dont want to give out any spoilers for this video of the best wordpress plugins for wordpress, so let me know how you guys like it. Feel free to let me know if you have any wordpress plugins you want to hear more about or learn about.

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thanks for watching my best top 11 plugins for wordpress!


14 Replies to “Top 11 Best WordPress Plugins 2016 | Must Have Plugins For WordPress!”

  1. Hey Darrell, thanks for sharing these great plugins! I am going to have to try your woo commerce plugin since I am planning to sell info products on my site and yours will make it so much easier to get my woo commerce set up and working how i want it to with leadpages.

  2. Thank you. I would prefer without any background music though… Not everyone has the same taste 🙂

  3. You should also consider the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker. When thinking about that barely 6% of all WordPress users upgraded to PHP 7 this plugin might become very usefull.

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  5. thanks great video… I wanted to know I am building a gaming site with wordpress and am trying to make it a downloading site at same time so members can download. What my question is , is is there a plugin where I can upload bulk files and place them all over my site so I can add downloads for members. Also I wanted to create a a to z page if this make sense so for example if they was looking for GTA downloads they would click G and so on .

  6. Hi, thanks for posting. I tried to load Clef but it’s no longer available as a plugin through wordpress and Clef’s own website has the message…

    ‘We’re sunsetting the Clef product
    Clef will stop working on June 6, 2017 — we recommend transitioning to another form of two-factor authentication as soon as possible’

    Shame, looked great.

  7. please, do you have any recommended plugin for ‘STUDENT PORTAL’ for a school website. please, i need a capable plugin for this. thanks !

  8. Hi Darrel, how are you? Nice video!
    Just a question, is there a plugin at WordPress that enable users to register and after that to be able to choose their preferences. I want them to be able to match by their preferences, likes, tastes…etc.
    Like somebody offering fruits and then if someother user wants this product they can bem match.. so the user can see the offert.

    Thanks for the video and the tips!

  9. Sumo Me & Bloom both are email list builders, which one do I choose? Also, what is an alternative for Clef now that it is apparently not available.

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