Revolution Slider WordPress Tutorial – Morphing Image Effect

Revolution Slider WordPress Tutorial – Morphing Image Effect

Use more features of the Revolution Slider 5. Learn to create a fancy morphing effect.

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In this tutorial you will see how you can easily create the effect of morphing with the revolution slider for wordpress. All you need is two version of the same image. For this tutorial I chose one colour photo and one black and white photo. We create slides for each of these images and connect them through a very slow fading slide transition. Cool effect if you ask me 🙂
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4 Replies to “Revolution Slider WordPress Tutorial – Morphing Image Effect”

  1. HI, thanks for the great tutorials. I’m new to revolution slider and website creating. I would like to know whether it is possible to create a lightbox gallery in revolution slider. The idea is having 4, 5 or six rows of thumbnails. If someone clicks on a thumb the picture should open and blur out the background of the rest of the content in behind. Is there any solution to get that done or would I have to create a thing like that with another plugin? Thanks for the help.

  2. Would have been nice if you made a full tutorial showing how to add slide timing and how to add text and timing for text as well…

  3. Just watched your update tutorial and you still do not show how to ad text or set slide times for the text or images… Your really missing the most important of using the slider is how to make it work!

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