Responsive WordPress Theme Tutorial – Part 4 – Logo And Navigation Menu

Responsive WordPress Theme Tutorial – Part 4 – Logo And Navigation Menu

We bring in our logo and begin structuring our dynamic WordPress Navigation Menu. We enable wp_nav_menu for our theme and implement it within our header.

Check out the code and download the source files:

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What’s this series about?

In this series we are going to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch. We will learn how to create WordPress themes, use advanced features such as: custom post types, custom fields and meta data. We will be focusing our theme on a site based on a site like or




24 Replies to “Responsive WordPress Theme Tutorial – Part 4 – Logo And Navigation Menu”

  1. Too bad, I got lost somewhere on the way and it’s not working for me. Please explain more! I had no idea what I was doing when I was copying you.

  2. at 12:33.  anyone can help me.  why i can not find “menu” option in appearance.


  3. I follow all the steps, but why menus appearance missing?

  4. Hi, Austin

    I am so so impressed to getting this complete tutorial series . You have saved my lots of hours. Really Really Very helpful.


    At 08:34, when he adds the wp_nav_menu, it should include “theme_location”, i.e: 

    “wp_nav_menu( array( ‘theme_location’ => ‘primary’, ‘container_class’ => ‘main-nav’, ‘container’ => ‘nav’ ));”

  6. The code you said to copy from your website. I cant get it. The website doesn’t show up…

  7. my navigation menu isn’t showing up in the front end of my site 🙁 I checked and re-cheked and checked my coding again and still nothing. back end works fine.

    Any ideas??

  8. same problem me also menu is showing in my wp site but appearance->menu not showing ???

  9. 4:23 title=”bloginfo(‘title’); “>   – need use php tag  ( title=””>)

  10. initially nothing was appearing, then I checked my code and had a typo

    guys, be careful 🙂

  11. Your tutorials are awesome! Loud and clear, very easy to follow and understand…

    Regards mate!

  12. want to say thank you. before I encounter your tutorial, I am just a plain wordpress user, thanks to your explanation, I feel one day I may become a developer. Sincere gratitude.

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