PSD To WordPress Tutorial #8 – Installing WAMP Server

PSD To WordPress Tutorial #8 – Installing WAMP Server

Yo ninjas, in this PSD to WordPress tutorial, I’ll show you how to install a server using WAMP on your machine. We will also install PHP and MySQL, which we will need for WordPress to run locally.


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  1. I love your voice too much)))) sometime I hear “yooooo, hi guys…” in my head)))

  2. Hi NetNinja, I sent you an email. PLEASE LET ME BE YOUR INTERN for free!. I would love to work with you and learn so much!. I want you to be my mentor!. Your videos are great and very helpful!

  3. HI! I use Mac and WAMP is not made for Mac OS X sistem. Can you help me with some suggestion… What should I use instead of WAMP?

  4. Great tutorial but much better if you could have a tutorial for XAMP because wamp is not working with MAC OS

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