PSD To WordPress Tutorial #17 – The Header.php File

PSD To WordPress Tutorial #17 – The Header.php File

Hey guys, in this PSD to WordPress tutorial, I’ll show you how to edit your header.php file by copying over some of our HTML elements from the static build. Some of the clever WordPress PHP tags we’ll leave in, to make the website more dynamic and ‘smart’.


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10 Replies to “PSD To WordPress Tutorial #17 – The Header.php File”

  1. Nice tut! What if I want different headers styles in different pages, since every page will load the same header.php file

  2. Very nice and very useful tutorials. What’s happened with our nav menu? Why we don’t copy our navigation ?

  3. CSS links are not changes, not sure how you load your background image of Resto logo

  4. Is there a reason why you didn’t tranfer the css link to header.php? My site looks ok but css doesn’t work properly… do i need to use a template tag for css.
    Btw, thanks for this. Very helpful.

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