PSD To WordPress Tutorial #1 – Introduction

PSD To WordPress Tutorial #1 – Introduction

Yo gang, the PSD file is at


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8 Replies to “PSD To WordPress Tutorial #1 – Introduction”

  1. You need to be in the Tuts Web Design’s Hall of Fame, bro! This is so awesome! Thanks 1.000 times!!!

  2. hi Net Ninja your tutorials is very impressive extremely i want to pay thanx to you butt i have a issue that i am complete my costume wp page but i couldn’t active visual composer and i have no idea that what to do for this and what code i have to include the files plz tell me
    thank you

  3. no doubt your all tuts are simply awesome

    i requesting u to make a tutorial to make burger-nav in photoshop as u applied in responsive from scratch plzzzzz ………. upload plzz

  4. Your videos are really awesome you really know how to explain your viewers
    A great thanks to you for all the tutorials they really mean alot to me

  5. Nice Tutorials…
    I have one question…?
    as per tutorial psd to wordpress conversion…is it responsive?..or we need to create it responsive?
    ..pls reply.

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