Pinboard WordPress Theme Slider Tutorial

Pinboard WordPress Theme Slider Tutorial

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Pinboard is a free WordPress theme. Sliders can be used in it. Though little complicated, It is easy to add once you know it. This tutorial tells you how to add sliders in this theme.


15 Replies to “Pinboard WordPress Theme Slider Tutorial”

  1. Is there any way the slider image gets auto compressed to that resolution?

  2. I am a wordpress expert and I made a bunch of video tutorials for wordpress users. It really is the best wordpress video series ever created. Period. visit my channel to find the link I posted for this training

  3. Dude… you’re a star.. been trying to figure out this exact thing. Cheers! For some reason I have my recent posts showing up in the header area next to the logo so need to figure that out next (done a movie on that by any chance? 🙂 – At least the slider is working… so thank you.

  4. thansk so much for this tutorial, couldn’t find anywhere how to create a slideshow and now I realize how easy it is!

  5. Is there a way to remove the right-side bar on the slider that says “Slider 1” “Slider 2” etc. I’ve been trying to figure out how to remove it.

  6. is there a way to hide the actual posts and keep the images in the slider?

  7. Thanks a bunch. I totally like your vid and the following just crossed my mind. Would you mind putting links to each other’s videos because it seems to make perfect sense to our audiences.

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